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Let’s Talk Business 190: How2Franchise, What Is A Business Anthropologist, Is Fast Growth Good

On this week’s Let’s Talk Business: How2Franchise, What Is a Business Anthropologist, Is Fast Growth Good and Are, We On The brink Of a Second Digital Revolution and 50% of CVs Include Lies? Also Available on iTunes. We speak to an industry expert…

We speak to an industry expert Rod Hindmarsh about franchising your business. Also if you’re thinking about breaking out of full-time employment, we’ll discover if you have the right aptitude to become a franchisee.

Have you lied on your CV? Around 50% of CVs have been found to have false information on them. But what sort of lies are being told?

Some businesses go from a start up to large organisations in a very short time, but there are very significant problems if this is your plan. You may be better off taking a longer term approach. We find out why.

Have you ever heard of a business anthroologist? In this week’s business insight we learn that Microsoft is the second largest employer of business anthropologists worldwide. So what are they and why are they evidently so important to companies?
And are we on the brink of a second digital revolution? It seems we are but 90% of businesses have no idea what is about to happen.


Click Our Link to below our interview were on about 6 minutes in


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