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Franchise Consulting Services.
Franchise Friend.

We will explain our franchise consulting services in “English”, not franchising jargon. Our franchise consultants will spend time to fully understand your business & goals, give you realistic feedback & then create a viable franchise launch plan to franchise your business all free of charge.

Franchise Your Business In 6 to 8 weeks

We have put together a complete How2Franchise package called “Franchise Friend”. It will suit your business. We will help you from start to finish for a total fixed fee of £5,999 plus vat.

This Includes Everything You Need To Franchise Your Business!

We provide a full range of franchise services for new Franchisors. With many years’ practical experience of growing businesses through franchising, this will be effective in time & money for YOU.

The benefit of franchising for the Franchisor is that they can attract quality entrepreneurs to support brand building and expand market share without needing to finance such growth themselves.

What is it?

The Franchise Friend programme provides a “guiding hand” to those businesses who want to franchise. We don’t just tell you how to do it – we will do it for you! We do most of the franchising work, leaving you more time to devote to your core business. We will provide:

Franchise Info Pack
Franchise Agreement
Feasibility Study
Evaluation Report
Operations Manual
Marketing Strategy

How does it work?

If you plan to franchise your business you can rely on us for professional, cost effective, specialist advice. Our “Franchise Friend” Programme will befriend and guide you through the all or any of the stages of franchising, for example, we will:

At How2Franchise we make it easy for you.

This Great Value’ Franchise Package fees and the efficiently fast speed at which we can franchise your business means you can expect a quick return on your initial investment which will then take you into profit. You can reasonably expect to be into profit with your first franchise sale! We aim to have you ready to take on board your first franchisee within three months for only £5995 (payment instalments) and we do most of the work.