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Franchising is a method of expansion for an established and successful business looking to grow a network.

It can also help businesses to expand both nationally or internationally, strengthen the brand and reach of a company and act as a good method of securing its future – but only if it is done well.


“I had a great experience with How2Franchise from start to finish.”

Phil MartinezDesigner, Owl Eyes

Our Approach

Digital Marketing

We market your business opportunity on our dedicated marketing websites, social media and through paid adverts.

Franchise Consulting Services

We provide a full range of franchise services for new Franchisors. With many years’ practical experience of growing businesses through franchising, this will be effective in time & money for YOU.

Franchise Recruitment

We can sell and promote your franchise on a commission basis. Check out or Franchise CRM System and more...

Get equipped with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to take the leap into franchising.

Take charge of your business future – schedule your 30-minute session now and ignite your franchising dreams!